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Apron - lobster design on model
Apron - lobster design
Apron - lobster design
Apron - lobster design in packaging

Apron - Lobster


This stunning lobster apron features a super-sized image of a lobster in its true colours and is sure to make a wonderful impression in any kitchen.

The original watercolour was painted with the painstaking attention to detail you would expect of a botanically trained artist.  Printed here to fill the whole space of the apron, it shows even the tiniest features of a lobster, right down to the hairs on its legs and the barnacles on its back.  This is perhaps one of the very few images to do justice to such a wonderful creature.

The blue in lobsters comes from the copper in the blood (who knew?).  They only go red if you cook them.

The lobster apron is printed and made in the UK from 100% cotton drill.  The neck loop can be adjusted to adapt to your height and the good length waist ties are made of the same twill tape.

There is a tea towel version as well and an equally impressive crab range.

 Height 86cm x Width 73cm



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