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Oh deer, an unexpected breakfast guest

Posted on February 23 2018

This gorgeous Roe Deer joined us for breakfast this morning - uninvited.  

I'm more than a bit conflicted about deer.  This one (and his parents) killed every apple tree in our orchard this winter by eating the bark.  A gardener friend tells me that apple tree bark tastes likes - well, apples, at least to deer.

The deer haven't bothered the apple trees before, but this winter the snow was deeper than usual which meant that there was no food on the ground.  And we were away so there was no chance of protecting the trees before the damage was done. 

Which only goes to show how destructive deer can be.  But then you see one up close (we can see the orchard from the kitchen) and there's a quite sincere and spontaneous 'ahhh'.  If only there was some way of telling them to keep off the fruit trees. 



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