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Safe for another year

Posted on January 31 2018

Today marks the close of the shooting season, so this handsome fella can rest easy for another year and turn his attention to lurve.

It's amazing how pheasants seem to know that the season is over and become quite brazen - apparently knowing they are safe. In fact, I suspect that the end of the shooting season coincides with the start of the mating season and they are too keen to impress the hens to be worried about being seen.  

Watching a cock pheasant trying to impress a potential mate is a source of almost endless amusement and a spectacle I can often enjoy because our garden is a favourite spot for hen pheasants.  He fluffs himself up, lowers one wing so that he looks as large as possible and then runs at the hen pheasant almost sideways and apparently on tip toes.  I'll try to take a video in the next few weeks and post it here if I succeed. 


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