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The view from my window

Posted on January 08 2018

From time to time, you might see me say or write that my images are often 'inspired by nature' - and it's absolutely true.  This is the view from my studio window – which I think is nothing short of stunning.  The only problem with such as captivating vista just inches away from my desk is that it’s easy to get distracted – when I should be painting.

It’s not just the view that is distracting.  The black thing in the foreground is a pheasant feeder which I keep filled all year round so that we can see the chicks in the spring and watch their progress over the summer.

To the right (and just out of shot) are two bird feeders that attract a huge variety of garden birds, the inevitable Sparrow Hawk and the occasional Roe deer looking for seeds that have fallen to the ground.  To the left (also out of shot) is a wild flower meadow as diverse and as beautiful as any herbaceous border.

In fact, nature is at our doorstep every day.  I sometimes wish that the wildlife would stand still a little more often (which would make my job a lot easier), but then it wouldn’t be wild.



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