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Rhubarb Print


A delightful Giclee print of a rhubarb stalk and leaf from an original watercolour.

Each print is individually signed by Iona and printed on archival quality paper with fade resistant inks.

This print is available in 3 sizes. 

Small and Medium sized prints are supplied in a mount wrapped in cellophane.

Large print is supplied rolled in a postal tube.

Small     200 x 255mm 

Medium 300 X 380mm

Large     550 x 800mm


Rhubarb cordial (and rhubarb fruit leathers)

This is a delicious cordial, better than elderflower in my humble opinion.  It has a  wonderful pink colour and goes particularly well with soda water. 
You will need:
900 gm rhubarb - preferably forced
300 gm caster sugar
1 Lemon
1 orange
300 ml of water
Slug of Grenadine (optional)
To make:
Disolve the suger in the water.  Add the zest and juice of both the lemon and the orange.  Chop the rhubarb in to chunks and add to the liquid. 
Let the whole thing simmer until the rhubarb is falling to bits.
Drain the mixture over a colander.  Add a slug of Grenadine to the mixture (if using) and chill or freeze.  Use as you would any cordial. 

Rhubarb fruit leathers

If you retain the drained rhubarb, you can make rhubard fool or, my preferred option, fruit leathers. 
To make the fruit leather, remove as much as the liquid as possible from the retained rhubarb.  Then blitz in a food processor with a little more sugar and spead thinly on a silicon sheet.  Dry very slowly (this will take hours) in a  fan assisted oven on the lowest heat setting (around 50 degrees).  We use a mushroom dryer here, but a fan assisted oven does much the same thing. 
When dry, cut into strips and store in a Kilner jar. 


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