Free Delivery to the UK on all orders over £25

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Free Delivery to the UK on all orders over £25

EU customers

Following new rules on VAT payments in the EU (nothing to do with Brexit), the way customers in EU countries see our prices has changed.  The new rules mean that the VAT exemption for low value items has been removed and VAT is now payable on allpurchases, however small. 

If you enter an EU address at checkout, we will remove the VAT included in the prices you see on our website.  The price at checkout will, therefore, be lower than the price displayed on this page.

But your order will have to be declared at the customs entry point in your country and you will be asked to pay the applicable VAT rate in your country before you can take delivery.  You may also be asked to pay a handling charge to cover the administration involved in recording your VAt payment. 

We realise this adds both another stage to your purchase and potentially an additional cost, but it is out of our control.  We have removed VAT from our prices for EU customers to ensure that you don't pay VAT twice.

We hope that at some point we will be able to declare VAT on your behalf and so eliminate the need for payment at customs, but that is not an option available to us at the moment. 

Thank you for your patience.