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Free Delivery to the UK on all orders over £25

Lobster Collection

The lobster has become a symbol of romance and enduring affection around the world and, seen in its natural state, is a truly spectacular animal in its own right.

This lobster themed range is based on a wonderful and beautifully observed watercolour of a live lobster, originally commissioned as a wedding anniversary gift and painted with all the painstaking attention to detail you would expect of a botanically trained artist. 

This is perhaps one of the very few images to do justice to such a wonderful creature.  And yes, live lobsters really are blue - they have copper in their blood.

I hope you like the collection.  Any item would make a ideal gift for a loved one and as a wedding present. The prints look spectacular in any room and I can\\\'t think of any kitchen that wouldn\\\'t be improved by the addition of a lobster.

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