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Tea Towel - Lobster



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A stunning illustration of a lobster in it's true colours (they only go red if you cook them).  The larger than life image is a work of art in its own right and shows the lobster in astonishing detail. 

And now, it's available with a clever bamboo hanger so that you can turn a humble tea towel into a wonderful wall hanging.  So many people told us that they wanted one to frame or hang this tea towel that we thought we'd make it easy to do just that.  Which is why we came up with this neat little bamboo hanger. Made from sustainable bamboo, the hanger is 52cm/20.5 inches long, easy to assemble and specifically designed to fit tea towels.  It's available separately or with any of our tea towels

Made in the UK from 100% Cotton Drill for softness. Tea towels in hangers are specially printed to be fade resistant in daylight, but will lose some colour if washed at too high a temperature.


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